Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Many parents are looking for a quality in-home preschool for their child, but don't always know where to look. In-home preschools often offer smaller class sizes, more one-on-one instruction, and less of an institutionalized and more of an "at-home" feeling. Many in-home preschools are taught by licensed teachers who now stay home to raise children. If you are a parent looking for a quality in-home preschool, THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU! All preschools listed on this site are LICENSED by the city of Sandy as of September 2009.

This is a free resource. If you are a licensed, in-home preschool owner and you do not see your school on this list, please contact the site administrator.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sandy In-Home Preschools

Wonder Kids Preschool
Nicole Butler 801-462-5822
1725 Sego Lily Dr. (Approx. 1700 E. 10300 S.)
For additional info:
Facebook: Search "Wonder Kids Preschool"

Wiz Kidz Preschool
Kirsten Dalpiaz
9105 S. 260E. (Approx. 300 E. 9100 S.)

V I C Preschool
Berthene Bascom
8769 Ida Ln (Approx. 1800E. 8800 S.)

Tomorrow's Rainbow Preschool
Juanita Hammer
1243 Sanders Hill Cir (Approx. 1300 E. 11500 S.)

Super Kid Preschool
Christine Wixom
212 Clear Creek Dr. (Approx. 200 E. 10800 S.)

Sorenson, Martha
Martha Sorensen
11859 Elm Ridge Rd (Approx. 1100E. 11900 S.)

Paint with Color Preschool
Debra Wills
10860 Clear Creek Dr. (Approx. 200 E. 10900 S.)

Miss Debi's Preschool
Debra Babinski 801-598-1116
1609 Pebblewood Cir (Approx. 1600E. 12100 S.)

Little Blue Engine Preschool
Janene Welcker
1832 Tramway Dr. (Approx. 1800 E. 9500 S.)

Krissi's Kids
Christine Osborne
9297 Solena Way (Approx. 2200 E. 9300 S.)

King, Geri
Geri King
505 Floyd Dr. (Approx. 500 E. 9500 S.)

Early Learners Preschool
Julie Ann Noall
2097 Carriage Chase Ln. (Approx. 2100E. 9500 S.)

Cornerstone Academy Preschool
Leslie Ann Smith
1119 E. 10655 S (Approx. 1100 E. 10700 S.)

Bright Star Preschool
Jill Thompson
8267s 1280 E (Approx. 1300E. 8300 S.)